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Welcome to The Panicked Foodie!

The Panicked Foodie was born out of my passion for health and wellness. I like to create healthy foods and baked goods, without sacrificing taste and using common ingredients. I am an experimentalist by nature, and that comes through in my cooking and baking. Diet wise, I consider myself to be an ‘everythingatarian.’ That means that I eat a bunch of different foods, and I am willing to try almost everything at least once. The majority of my cooking though, skews more towards vegetarian, and at times, vegan. I actually never knew this about myself until I started blogging. 🙂 I also enjoy cooking cuisines from around the world. For both cooking and baking, I try to use easily obtainable ingredients, and I stick to whole foods as much as possible. Although, there will definitely be recipes incorporating Reese’s peanut butter cups, M&Ms, and Hershey’s kisses. A girl’s gotta live!

You will notice that the tagline of my blog, is ‘where comfy meets healthy.’ What I mean here, is that I try and take classic meals, and ‘healthify’ them. In baking, I generally do this by replacing butter with extra light olive oil, and lowering the sugar content. In cooking, I generally do this by removing heavy cream, sour cream, cream cheese, and milk additions, and by adding in a greater variety of vegetables. Eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up all of our favorite comfort foods. To me, eating healthy doesn’t mean counting calories. It means knowing exactly what is going into your food, and forgoing processed foods as much as possible, and within reason. We only have one body, and it’s so important to take care of it by eating healthy, in addition to managing stress levels and incorporating exercise.

As for the recipes, they are going to cover the entire eating spectrum from carnivore all the way to vegan, gluten-free, possibly low FODMAP. I think it’s important to be educated and proficient at being able to cook and bake foods for different dietary restrictions in the event that you actually need to follow one of these diet protocols for your health. I can remember a period of time where I thought I was having allergic reactions to dairy, tree nuts, and soy, and I really struggled coming up with things to eat. But now, I am more well versed on the different diets available, what foods to make, and packaged food alternatives which makes the prospect of possibly having to permanently be on one of these diets less daunting

Even if you don’t use my recipes but it inspires you to create something else, then my job has been successful. The goal of my blog is to inspire people to cook more homemade meals and to experiment more in the kitchen. Cooking doesn’t have to be boring, and there’s so many health (and financial!) benefits from cooking at home. So, I hope you stay a while, and take a look around :).

Happy cooking & baking!

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