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I’m Dr. Ashley, a trained Ph.D. scientist that loves to experiment with food. I grew up in central New York and received my BS degree in physics and chemical engineering from Clarkson, and my Ph.D. from Cornell in chemical engineering. I started The Panicked Foodie in 2017 after becoming disabled due to chronic illness. The food blog has been therapeutic and has helped me start to heal. It also gives me purpose. What started as a hobby, has grown into something more than I imagined.

I consider myself a flexible vegetarian and have been for quite some time. I didn’t realize this until I started blogging. I still eat meat a few times a year for health reasons, but I try to eat vegetarian or vegan as much as possible. I have also been experimenting with going gluten-free, so a lot of my recipes are trending in that direction. I have since split up my main dishes section, to make it clear where the meat dishes are. You will notice that I tend to share a lot of dessert recipes. 🙂 I try my best to make them as healthy as possible so that you can enjoy more of them. We only live once!

Blogging has not only helped me to start healing, but I have discovered a possible career path that works within my limitations. Working from home allows me to craft an environment in which I can thrive while giving me the time and space to deal with flare-ups from my chronic illness. I’m also able to take time off from my food blog when needed. You will likely notice that I post very infrequently, and am sometimes gone for months at a time. But don’t worry! My blog is not going anywhere. I just needed an extended absence to deal with my health.

When I am not working on my blog or sick, you can find me playing video games, reading a good book, or outside getting some exercise, and enjoying nature close to my home.

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